Sunday, September 9, 2012

The busyness of Life

So that was one busy summer!  I kept thinking, I need to be better about posting and before I knew it, school started up again!

Okay so now I am going to commit to regularly posting here and trying my hand at this blogging thing.  Here is a list of subjects I hope to cover in the next few months.  Feel free to chime in if you would like to hear about anything in particular or more about any certain subject.

  • Pantry Challenge - going to do one over the next month really making a commitmet to only buy any necessary fresh ingredients.
  • Freezer and Freezer/Crockpot cooking - more quick to warm up breakfast items and meals that are ready to cook as we run out the door in the morning
  • Homemade food mixes - taco seasoning mix, chai tea mix
  • Homemade convenience items - think bagels, hamburger buns, no-bake energy bites
  • Organizing and making better use of my pantry
  • Learning to make homemade pasta
  • Canning - learning more about it and doing more (have any of you heard of dry canning? so cool!)
Excited for this year and just trying to really grow and learn more, come along with me!

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