Daily Log for Pantry/Freezer Challenge

Friday, Jan 13:
My birthday has thrown me off the cooking mode for some reason, maybe it was the yummy steak last night... been so long since I had steak, YUM!

Breakfast - Cereal for kids plus cottage cheese and tomatoes for S, fried egg sandwich for me
Snack - summer sausage for kiddos, yogurt for me
Lunch - cottage cheese and tomatoes for S, half of my steak with A1 sauce for J (such fancy taste!) and leftover pesto pasta, grilled cheese sandwich and yogurt for me
Dinner - Gonna be whatever meal or leftover I drag out of the freezer or pasta... oh and salad

Thursday, Jan 12:
Breakfast - Cereal for me and J plus he had a go-gurt, cottage cheese and tomato for S along with some waffle
Lunch - Kids will probably want nuggets, I will have a yummy chicken pot pie muffin
Dinner - pesto pasta for kiddos, dinner out for me and hubs - might just have a steak :)

Wednesday, Jan 11:
Breakfast: Bagel for J, waffle for S, Cereal for me, baked oatmeal for hubs
Lunch: soup and quesadillas
Dinner: Chicken pot pie muffins

Tuesday, Jan 10:
Breakfast: cocoa puffs for kiddos (they were so excited), breakfast burritos for adults - Yum!
Lunch: quesadillas for me and J, nuggets for M and S
Dinner: Sweet and sour "meat"balls with rice and bok choy (gotta make ahead cause tonight is basketball practice!)

Monday, Jan 9:
Monday: Breakfast- bagel with salmon cream cheese for J and Dad, waffle with honey for S, slice of razzleberry pie with homemade whip for me.
Lunch- tuna sandwich for me, hotdogs for kids
Dinner- leftover meatloaf with some kind of side yet to be determined...

Sunday, Jan 8:
Breakfast: baked polenta with cheddar cheese on top, scrambled eggs, fruit
Lunch: hotdogs and chips for kids, leftover homemade pizza for hubs, movie and popcorn for me!
Dinner: chili con tofu and beans, sour cucumbers, leftover yellow rice

Had to get some things like milk, green peppers, apples, yogurt, etc at fred meyer - spent $37.83 (was nice and relaxing tho since J wanted to go to the neighbors and soph insisted on playing in the play area :)

Saturday, Jan 7:
B: really early photos before bball game so bagel with salmon cream cheese for J, waffle for S, baked oatmeal for us
L: pb and honey sandwich for me, leftover spaghetti for hubs, nachos for kids
D: hotdogs for kids, leftover meatloaf and cheesy potatoes for us

Been a snacky day for us so there is more we ate but not really meals...

Had to send hubs to the store to get sour cream, cucumbers, hot dog buns and lettuce.

Friday, Jan 6:
Breakfast- waffles for S, chili and rice for J, bsked oatmeal for adults (YUM)
Lunch- playdate without lunch plan so cheap mcds
Dinner- leftover enchiladas with rice and salad

Thursday, Jan 5:
Breakfast: english muffins and sausage for kiddos, breakfast burrito for hubs, eggs and toast with cheese for me
Lunch: chili and rice for kiddos, have no idea what sounds good to me at this point - maybe tuna sandwich
Dinner: Meatloaf with scalloped potatoes and veggies

Update: Ended up that kids wanted nuggets and fries which I luckily had in the freezer.  Then, I really needed and energy boost so I spent $4.18 at 7-Eleven on soda - something I never usually buy but needed today. :)

Wednesday, Jan 4:Breakfast: Breakfast burrito for hubs (gonna make a batch of these and freeze them), bread with nutella and glass of milk for J, waffle and milk for soph, sausage sandwich for me
Lunch: noodle soup and strawberries for kiddos, quesadilla for me
Dinner: leftover spaghetti with "meat"balls, salad
Really want ceaser dressing but don't have anchovy paste and not gonna go buy it! So, will just have boring dressing already open and homemade croutons from bread I made the other day.

Tuesday, Jan 3:
Breakfast - waffles for soph and I, bread with Nutella and glass of milk for J
Lunch - bean and bacon soup, crackers with cream cheese, tomatoes for kiddos; egg salad sandwich for me
Dinner - cheese and tofu enchiladas with seasoned rice and veggies

I did buy some groceries today but I stuck to only what I needed except for the delish looking strawberries that the kids will love in the morning. :) Only spent $34.82

Monday, Jan 2:
Breakfast - Toast and summer sausage for kiddos, oatmeal for us
Lunch - Chili and rice and nachos for kiddos, nachos for hubs and egg salad sandwich for me
Dinner - Spaghetti with "meat"balls, salad, garlic bread, pickled cucumbers

Sunday, January 1, 2012:
Breakfast - Pancakes (from Homemade Bisquick Mix) and bacon
Lunch/Dinner - Leftovers from New Year's dinner